Founded in 1995, Peking Gourmet has thrilled the tastebuds of people all over Medford, New Jersey for more than 20 years. Our rich, vibrant Chinese and Japanese food hits the spot whether it’s noon or midnight, and thanks to our incredible Asian food delivery and takeout services, it’s possible to enjoy our flavors at work, home, and beyond.

We’re proud to be known for our mouthwatering Japanese and Chinese menu. No matter what you crave, our experienced staff and talented chefs will use decades of experience to surpass your expectations. While General Tso’s chicken is our most popular dish, we offer anything you could want when it comes to Japanese and Chinese cuisine, including sushi, Pad Thai, and steamed dumplings. We’re also a hibachi restaurant if you’re looking for additional entertainment with your Japanese food!

This is not fast food. It’s more like a home-cooked meal. We use the best ingredients and time-honored methods to craft each dish with skill that you’ll taste in every bite. There’s a reason we’ve been in business for so many years — we simply never compromise on quality, because we truly love what we do. Each member of our staff is on a mission to provide amazing service and earn your next order or visit. For Japanese and Chinese food in Medford that reminds you that life is good, choose Peking Gourmet.